Friday, January 21, 2005


Listening to the Speeches

Hey, I'm all for spreading liberty....but

Mr. Bush's speech/sermon yesterday was pretty good, measured against his usual fare. But all this talk of spreading liberty and human dignity really got me thinking. Oh, I don't doubt Mr. Bush's sincerity, but would I really buy into his speech if, for example, I was...

1) The mother or father of a slain U.S. soldier in Iraq?
2) A same-sex couple, vilified in the last election and barred from having even basic legal protections of their relationship?
3) A woman living in Saudi Arabia?
4) A Christian refugee in Darfur (that oiless enclave of Sudan)?
5) A detainee in Gitmo, or the widow or children of a dead torture victim in Iraq?
6) A citizen of Vietnam, the Philippines, Iran, Pakistan or one of the many other countries where we supported right wing dictators simply because they were anti-communist?

The principles Mr. Bush spoke of were noble and true. But its in the uniform application of these goals where we seem to get things all mixed up.

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