Friday, January 21, 2005


Religious Right Risks Becoming a Caricature

Weirder and Weider...

Oh, it's always easy to take pot shots at evangelicals, the leadership of the Catholic Church or any of these 'moral majority' types. It's harder to recognize the good works that the vast majority of the people we lump into these blocs do, because their leadership tends to focus like a laser beam, on a few very dogmatic issues. The whole obession with gay men and women and the right leaning 'pro-family' organizations is a great example. At what point does all they hysteria over the 'vast-gay-conspiracy' make them such caricatures that their voice on issues that actually matter is no longer heard? Many would say they've already crossed over... I think I'd have to agree.

Athens chief fumes at US lewdness claims

Children's TV Unites to Launch Pro-Homosexual Campaign of 'Tolerance'SpongeBob, Arthur, Pooh, Bob the Builder, Little Mermaid, Many Others Enlisted in Stealth Effort

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